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Spaces Alive Services for your Dream Home!



1.What services does Spaces Alive provide?

Spaces Alive provides end-to-end interior design and turnkey solutions for homes using state of the art technology and a professionally trained design team to create designer homes for people just like you.


2.Will Spaces Alive design only one room?

Yes, we will love to bring about change be it for just one room or your entire home, get it touch with us and we would love to help your design and build your entire home.


3.What does your professional design service include?

Our professional design services include the following services:

- Customised design as per your requirements within the standard framework of Spaces Alive

- Helping you visualise your space using base 3d modelling software.

- High-Quality 3d renders for only Bedrooms, Kitchens and Living rooms which are part of the order with Spaces Alive- you can see your home in 3d.

 - Professional design services will be provided for a period of 60 days from the date of sign up with Spaces Alive with a free extension of 15 days in case of delays.

- Material selection and recommendations for entire order with Spaces Alive.

- Lighting, wallpaper and wall decor recommendations and selections as part of selection visits.


4.When does the design process start?

The design process starts after you sign up with Spaces Alive with an engagement fee, which gets adjusted in the final payment.


5.How long the design processes take?

Since each Spaces Alive home is designed and custom made for you, it takes between 15 -30 days to design based on your requirements and feedback. The designer will give you a more accurate timeline at your first meeting.


6.What is the design experience that Spaces Alive brings to the table?

Spaces Alive and its team of designers have designed numerous homes across Pune City and have won multiple awards. Our homes have been featured in various magazines. All our designers receive quality training as to industry best- practices and trends to ensure you receive the best and most professional design advice on the market. Most importantly, we love creating homes and are passionate about what we do… creativity is our lifeblood and nothing gives us greater joy than a home delivered above your expectation.

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